Thursday, August 7, 2008

Comfort Zone??

Here I am in Sugar Brown's with a smile and a question mark both on my face.

Sugars (the coffee shop's nickname) is where I did most of my spiritual searching and failing when I lived in Lubbock previously.

Well now I am back in this flatland called Lubbock and wondering what God really is doing. Sometimes we know His plans before they come to pass; sometimes we know what he is teaching us while its happening. Sometimes we see it in hindsight, and sometimes we never know what in the wide world was going on when God decided to do that thing...

Today, however I find myself in a coffee shop that brings me back to so much. I know this place and it almost seems to know me. I like the booth around the corner so that I don't get distracted by everyone I know that comes in. I know the coffee is best in the morning and at night but be sure to order something with espresso in the middle of the afternoon. Oh and the coffee cake is excellent. I know that the toilet handle in the women's restroom has to be held down to flush. Ok, TMI, but I am just saying I know this place like I know my own home.

I guess that is why it is hard to be home. DFW challenged me. I was not in my comfort zone. But now I am back in my old house, with my old friends, and back in my coffee shop. It would be really easy for me to slip back into old habits and old comforts.

The challenge for me is to stay on my face. To keep seeking the Lord for his plan and his will. I believe he has be here for the practical. I am getting out of debt! Finally.

So the thing he is doing now is teaching me to use Wisdom when making decisions. I also believe that this is a stepping stone to the future. I can't adequately respond to his call when trying to juggle debt that is swallowing me. We'll see what hindsight brings. I am sure there is A LOT more going on here than I see. I sure hope so.

I am kind of ok with not seeing the big picture right now. He is keeping me content with the present.


kt said...

yeah for the familiar...and the new bursting from the old. good to hear a report. keep pressing in to know and rely on God's steadfast love for us...1Jn4

Jack said...

What a good place to be. I know there is so much that we don't see... Keep pressing on, my dear. He is faithful.

Jack said...

Oh, and that was Candace. I hate it when that happens...